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Friday, January 1, 2010 ♥
Korean-obsessed♥♥ ♥ Friday, January 01, 2010

Hey, i'm updating again! :p hehe. So how is your first day of the new year so far people? :D Mine is certainly fine. Lke, this bright early morning, i watched KBS's Gayo Daejun which is the 2009 Song Festival. i had really fun watching it with my brother. Mainly because Girls' Generation and SHINee were there, and every other of my favorites :D hehe. And now we're all just chillin' and relaxin' at home sweet home ^^, Of course, nobody can stop me from my laptop. HAHA. ;)

You know what? I feel like posting my favorite korean idols today =D

Okay, so i put these up in order of my most favorite.. :) Starting with..Tiffany of course! ;p

TiffanyYYY Here's a recent photo of her that i like, with her newly dyed gorgeous black hair :D (ignore the writings, it's from a magazine -,-)

Goo HaraYY from another girl group, Kara.
Before this, my friends had said that her face reminded them of mine and that's when i came to like Hara and now i'm a big fan :D However, i don't really see the similiraties. Maybe i do if i had a really circular face like that. HAHA. Besides, i like to think myself more like Tiffany xp HEHEHE. So hmmm any resemblance? ;)

my cute favourite group leader :D hehe. Farr also luhv him as much as i do. The best part about him? he's OH SO ADORABLE smileeee >.<

Kim Hyun Joong YY from SS501. or you might have heard or seen him as Gihu in Boys Over Flowers. :)

Minho Y SHINee's pretty boy ;D his voice really isn't as great as Onew but he raps well and needless to say, he's so damn cute! XD

Kyuhyun Y this cutie from Super Junior or SuJu. i luhv luhv luhv his sweet vocals!

KAN :) well okay, he's actually a newcomer from this new 4-member boy group called F.Cuz and they haven't really debuted yet, but i've seen a couple of their clips and teasers, AND KAN IS SERIOUSLY HOT! I melted right away. lol. They're definitely my most awaited group this 2010! I TOTALLY can't wait for their debut!

im'ma finish now. hope you enjoyed that :) enjoy the rest of the holidays, peeps!

p.s. guess what i'm going to get as my new year's present?? :D A new makeover to my room, WALLPAPERS! hehe yay me! apan. ;p

toodles !

Thursday, December 31, 2009 ♥
♥ Thursday, December 31, 2009

So like, there's only about 15 minutes left till new year's eve! :D Nothing special is done tonight, i just had a very lovely dinner with my family :) We ate thai at that Nur Wanita Restaurant at Kiarong :D The food was awesome and all my brothers' and sisters' were there, ohh everything was just so perfect! :D i loved it so much, although i was feeling a bit sad about something that happened recently.. :/ maybe i'll even post some pictures later. ;)

So ahnyway, i made my own 'new year's greeting' picture using picnik. I posted it on my wall photos and tagged everyone...well, ALMOST everyone ;p what do you think? nice, eh? ;D haha. i made it from a girls' generation photo and completely edit it.




First thing i'll do: go to sleep.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. ;D so yeah, have a good night everybody.:) i'll sign off here, till then.

oh and hey, did you know? it's blue moon on new year's eve tonight! :D


Monday, December 28, 2009 ♥
♥ Monday, December 28, 2009


I can't believe it's been a heck of a long time since the last time i updated this forgotten blog of mine! :p what is it?eight months? yeaa. -,- I guess that's what you get for being too obsessed with facebook. ;D lol. I believe EVERYONE's into "fb" right now. :p Even my nine year old nephew, Afiq signed up. haha. OH, and i can't believe it's almost going to be A YEAR already! Not to mention school's going to start soon too =_= Mahnn how time flies by very quickly! I do miss school, i miss seeing my friends and all but the thought of having to study and work hard each day again just really depresses me. -,- especially since i'll be sitting for O'lvl next year! gee, i'm scared already! :/ I've been so messed up in class this year, i've sunk to the lowest of lows without even a single big improvement :( I'm lucky to even have passed my final exam! D: I guess i will have some MAJOR stepping up to do next year.

but of course i can't say that i'm not excited for the new years cause i am! :D a new year, a new beginning! :p hehe. Not to mention i'm going to have a NEW NEPHEW soon! ^^, (my sister said that she'll be expecting sometime in april) THAT, i'm REALLY EXCITED for, cause you know how i LUHV babies XD haha.

The only sadest thing about this coming of year is that i still don't know what my future holds for me. The truth is, almost everyday i wonder to myself.."what am i going to do with my life?" Sometimes i feel that it's hard living in a house almost full of successful people -,-" i mean, i'm just so afraid that maybe someday i'm not going to be able to keep up with them.. or live up to my parents' expectations.. Just recently my "last" older brother, Zimin went on a scholarship to UK to study economics. He's taken the same steps as my father did ( daddy's an economist, you see) and i heard him saying that an 'internship' is already on the line for my brother at his work. It's like, their LIVES (my bothers' and sisters') have been planned out by themselves! My other older brother, Shukri is a PILOT FOR GOD'S SAKE =_= and NOW, it's going to be MY TURN soon and i have nothing...NOTHING to give. DAMN, i feel like crying so much right now. I best be stopping here. -_-

oh yea, and about my previous relationship..i'm sure everyone's wondering now what has happened. Only a few of my closest friends know. WELL, let me just tell you this, he broke my heart. :)) And he knows exactly why. He knows exactly what he did. I didn't do anything, that's all i'm saying! :)

Sorry if i've said too much though. I don't think i am, but i've said a lot of things around lately.. And that's when i wrote somewhere about girls my age at my school being too hypocritical. What i mean is that I'm going to say a lot of things now that i'm sure in a couple of years or even a year from now i'm not going to keep to. So yea, i hope you people do understand that.

AHNYWAY, so my friend, Ahnna sent me this 2009 survey via email ;) and i thought i'd try them. enjoy!

1. Are you excited for New Years?
- Omg, yes! I love celebrating the new year :D We always celebrates the new year!

2. What will you do different in 2010?
- I guess i'll work even MORE harder in school and try to pass my A.MATH -,- and every other failing subjects :( (AMIN!)

3. What will you not be doing in 2010?
- procrastinating. -,-" (i hope.) and eat less. haha. lol.

4. What happened in 2009 that you didn't think would ever happen?
- easy. i went on a trip to UK and PARIS early this year :D I really didn't think i'd go.

5. Best movie you've seen in 2009?
- NEW MOON, fer sherr! haha ;D

6. Best song?
- oohh! totally 'GEE'! or 'GENIE'! :D ohh i simply can't decide between these two. Both by Girls' Generation or also known as SNSD. I think they're the best, despite the fact that i've only first heard of this korean group this year and they're really not so bad. I love their style and dance routines. I even learned how to dance to both of these songs! It's really fun :D "gee gee baybay baybay baby!" "sowoneul malhaebwa~" HAHA. that's part of the chorus to the songs btw. :D Thank you Siti Hamizah for introducing me to them! (I don't know if she'd read this though :p) oh and there's one member i like to root in particular..Tiffany! :D i think she's the most talented of all the other eight members..And the prettiest! :] (boo Yoona) haha lol. Also, if i'd have to choose 2nd best, i'd pick 'by myself' by Tiffany, alone. This song really blew me away, i cried the first time i listened to it. :/

7. Best Books you've read?
- OH it totally has to be the THE CLIQUE SERIES! By Lisi Harrison. I'm like SOOO INLOVE with The Clique eversince the first time i read it! I now own all seventeen books and it'll be eighteen next january ;) hehe. You would probably heard it on dvd or movie when it came out early this year. I've already been a huge fan since then and was really excited about it and it turned out FABULOUS! Elizabeth McLaughlin really rocked at playing Massie Block, which is my favorite character from the book, the so called main heroine. haha. I also own Lisi Harrison's next set of novels called Alphas and i think it'll be the next best thing cause i already read the first book and it was AWESOME! i can't wait for the next series to come!

8. Best memories?
- i guess it'll have to be the UK trip, best meomories yet. :) i get to vist those AH-MAZING places i never thought i'd be at, haha and i get to make new friends with the form five-ers :p I'm totally going to miss not seeing them around in school anymore next year :(

9. Best food you've taste? :P
- haa. umm kimchi? i guess so. haha i taste it for the first time at that new Kimchi Restaurant just a few days ago and surprisingly, it tasted real good (Y)! :D i think i've once read that it is one of the world's most healthiest food! It's korean again, btw. -,-

10. How was your birthday this year?
- fine i guess.. the important thing was that i get to spend it with the people i love. :)

11. Do you think you've change throughout the year?In what way?
- Some mentioned critically that i wasn't myself for a year. I think that was really damaging. but no, i guess from all the things i've gone through this year, i've only become the strongest i've ever been. I dare that certain someone to try to change me again. I've got so strong,it would never happen. Of course my passion for Allah and my family and friends won't change, so hopefully i won't change who i am. But then again, i can't never say that i don't completely ;) I've come up with a serious habit of saying 'apan' ALOT. I've become such a goofball they told me. The biggest change i'd have to say would be my undenyingly love for kpop -,- i guess it all started with gee and then it just got carried away recently... with weekly's anticipation of KBS's Music Bank, haha and obsession to ridiculously cute korean male idol stars and groups -,- the SHINee boys, in particular is one of my favorites ^^, but i'd have to say, it definitely changed my point of view of the whole korean entertainment and what they can do. It's really not that bad, people :] What i meant is that, i'm never going to listen to Ashley Tisdale or Lady Gaga ONLY, right? haha. there you go. :)

12. What's one thing you learned throughout the year?
- well.. i've learn that when it comes to typical teenge drama stuff like dealing with friends or mean girls, i try to take the high road. I try to not REALLY say anything (sometimes!) and just laugh it off! and it kind of works itself out. I mean, eventually you sort of realise that your friends are the only ones you really have..so like, why are we doing this you know?

13. What is your new year's resolution?
- I guess it's always the same every year, to pass my exams (o'level! AMIN!) and to be a better person 0=] ( and to lose weight! haha :p -,- )

14. Finally, what is the biggest best thing that's happened to you in 2009?
- haha the BIGGEST BEST THING? I've made so many new friends! :) cool ones..nice ones..the not so nice ones.. -,- ANOYYING ONE! (ehemm.tuyah.) haha lol. ;) But the ones that i am most grateful for are these three awesome girls, Atiqah, Fazrenna and Farah :) or as i call them, Teqqah,Pajarr and Farr. hehe. Girls, i just want to say that i have never really made any regrets on where i was and where i am now. God knows how much i appreciate your friendship.. You accepted me for who i am and brought out the best of me. In fact, to even think you consider me as your bestfriend right now..well i am honored, and touched. :') I can trust them with anything now, and they can trust me- we'll definitely take each others' secrets to the grave. :) OH! ANNDDD these girls are also the ones responsible for influencing me into this whole korean-obsession world! haha. These girls LUHV korean so much, i sometimes look to them as if they ARE one. HAHA. lol. You know what? i think i'm going to post a picture of them.

Farr, Teqq and Jarr ♥

Of course, everyone is welcome to take this survey too. i tag everybody! :D haha. i missed doing that :p

So anyway, in case i don't update again, haha, HAPPY ADVANCE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

Toodles !

Saturday, April 25, 2009 ♥
Hooray Sapphire ! ♥ Saturday, April 25, 2009

hey. it's been a while ! ( again ) haa. -,- i'm too caught up in facebook ! I'm so active now. =]

So anyway, STPRI had the ' Larian Usaha kali ke-6 ' race today ~ and congrats to Amber house and Jade for winning first prize ! SAPPHIRE did an awesome job too, so yea, HOORAY FOR SAPPHIRE ! XD boo ruby. Nadawah :p

Tihah and Tinah :)

rah!rah!rah! SAPPHIRE !!! XD

heeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeee XD *apan*

haa apan -,-

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ♥
It's alright, its ok (8) ! ♥ Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! IT'S FINALLY OUT ! XD I've been waiting for this song for WEEKS !

Now Playing :

It's Alright, It's Ok - ASHLEY TISDALE !!

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New single off of Ashley's upcoming sophomore album, Guilty Pleasure out on June 16th this year ! I'm so excited ! ^^,

Monday, March 30, 2009 ♥
hate mondays ! ♥ Monday, March 30, 2009

urghh feeling so jetlag in school today -,- i could barely pay attention to some of the lessons i had this morning. and an addition to that, i lost my glasses in our apartment in London ! -,-" so it was pretty hard for me especially in bio where we have to copy the massive notes written on the white board. :/ urghh i can't believe i lost it ! T_T i loved that glasses though i hated wearing them. i guess i'll just have to buy a new one then. sigh ~

Not just that, its only been the first day and i was feeling so mireable. i felt so moodless because something was bothering me .. I feel like crying all the time but i hold it back. I almost did on break but i didn't want to spoil the fun because they were really ecxited to see me (;

When school was over, i had bio extra class in the afternoon and decided to meet beybeh. I talked to her about it and then totally burst into tears ! :( when bio was over, i talked to fatihah for a while as well before heading home. I'm okay now though, i think, but it felt really good to just let it out. :]

p.s. updates on uk trip later on !

toodles !

i Fab Y

Sunday, March 29, 2009 ♥
♥ Sunday, March 29, 2009

i'm .......... BACK !!!!!!!

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i had a totally terrific time and an amazing experience.

i'll miss London :( i'll miss hyde park. i'll miss our apartment. i'll miss paris disneyland. lol. i'll miss everything.

ehh tomorrow ! "back to reality" -,- back to school, i would probably have tons of holiday homeworks to do ! hope the teachers could give me an excuse ;P haa nadawah. apaan. and urggh my first term results ! pacah ni. DX oh well, at least i get to see my friends in school again. :] g'nite !

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